• No need for strenuous exercise
  • Increase fat burn up to 58%
  • Increase calorie burn up to 32%
  • Keeps burning fat even 45 minutes after use
  • Designed by former NASA scientist Ray Cronise

Polar Vortex Vest® Key Features of the

Beat the Heat

  • Scientifically tested cooling vest that won't leave you shivering!
  • It has been designed specifically to mildly cool the body's core while leaving the rest of your body warm.
  • You get the benefits of cooling without shivering and feeling uncomfortable
  • Cool down after exercise, before bed for a better sleep or to beat the summer heat
Product Highlights

Calorie and Fat Burn

  • Designed by former NASA Scientist Ray Cronise
  • Tested by ETSciences at The University of Southern California
  • Increase calorie burn by up to 32%!
  • Increase how much fat you burn by up to 58%!
  • Continues to burn fat even after taking it off!

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