How we hacked cold therapy! Part 2...

How we hacked cold therapy! Part 2...

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The big test – how much does it increase calorie and fat burn?


We had done so much research into thermogenesis. We had read about how cold could help increase calorific expenditure, help you sleep more soundly and help you cool down rapidly after sport. Now, we were keen to see if the Polar Vortex Vest lived up to these claims. We sent our vests off to ETC Sciences at the University of Southern California for a round of testing to see what happened when ordinary people wore the Polar Vortex Vest.


The Results: An increase in calorie burn of up to 32% and increase the burning of fat (versus carbohydrates) by up to 58%!


The great news was, it continued to work for at least 45 minutes after the participants took the vest off.


So there you have it. An idea hatched over Gin & Tonics has come to fruition.


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