Ray Cronise Talks Cold at TEDMED

Ray Cronise Talks Cold at TEDMED

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What if I told you there was a way to increase your metabolism and boost your circulatory and respiratory systems to increase your weight loss? Sounds like a magic diet pill? Not according to former NASA scientist, Ray Cronise. In a Ted Med talk, Cronise shares how he used thermo-genesis to effectively and efficiently lose weight.


From 1987 to 2007, Cronise piled on 50lbs, peaking at 230lbs. He tried a number of diets, where he slowly started to lose weight through caloric restriction, only to hit a roadblock 12 weeks in: not only was he unable to lose anymore weight, the number on the weighing scale had also started creeping up again. Morale hit an all time low when he started doing calculations to work out optimal ways to lost weight - and realised that running a marathon only burns 2,600 calories.

 The breakthrough came when he watched a documentary about how Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps ate 12,000 calories a day (the equivalent of what Cronise consumed in a week). That didn't make sense to Cronise: Phelps's caloric intake was far higher than what he appeared to be burning. However, unlike marathon runners, Phelps spent a lot of time in the swimming pool - and water is 24 times more thermally conducted than air. This led Cronise down the path of research on thermogenesis and his findings have made him a firm believer that cold helps the body accelerate the burning of calories and fat.

 The proof is in the pudding: with a exercise-and-diet plan, Cronise was burning 1.5lbs per week. When he added thermal load to the equation, he was losing 4.5 lbs per week and lost 30lbs in 6 weeks.

 Watch his Ted Med talk here: Ray Cronise at TEDMED 2010

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