How we hacked cold therapy! Part 1...

How we hacked cold therapy! Part 1...

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The best ideas are hatched at the oddest times: in the shower, while driving, in that hazy state between sleep and consciousness or as in the case of the Polar Vortex Vest, over a few Gin & Tonics.

My buddy popped over to return my copy of Tim Ferris’s “The 4-hour Body” and over the course of the evening, we couldn’t stop discussing the amazing content. In particular, the chapter on losing weight by getting cold enthralled us.

How on earth can being cold help you burn fat? 

The chapter features Ray Cronise, a former NASA scientist, who used thermogenesis – production of heat in the body - to ramp up his weight loss regime significantly. Ray fascinated (and inspired) us. It takes a person of extraordinary tenacity and talent to work out from a TV program that based on the amount Michael Phelps eats, cold is actually helping him burn up energy. Ray then put into his cold ideas into action to get the results he wants to achieve and then spends the next few years testing the very idea! I guess that is how he got to spend 15 years at NASA, by being totally relentless in his search for answers.

At the end of the evening’s discussion, we continually returned to the same question – Wouldn’t it be easier to wear a cooling vest rather than slapping some ice packs on key parts of your body? Wouldn’t it be better than the ice baths that Tim Ferriss put himself though? We agreed the answer to both questions was ‘yes’.

The next day over breakfast, we came up with a plan of action.

  • We researched the idea that cold can help burn calories and more importantly, fat
  • We ordered a couple of cooling vests that were already on the market, which helped us identify the perfect ice vest would not only look like, but also feel like.
  • We also spoke with a few honest people, knowing they would tell us if it seemed like a crazy idea
  • Then we did what we thought Tim Ferris would do – reach out to Ray Cronise and get his help. To our surprise and pleasure, Ray offered to not only help us out, but help design a vest that would best achieve what we wanted.

 We wanted a vest that would help burn more calories and more fat the way science suggested you could – by cooling yourself. We wanted to do this without the wearer getting uncomfortably cold; and Ray found the perfect balance of mild cold stress.

The big test – how much does it increase calorie and fat burn?

Part 2 is coming up next

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