Burn up to 32% more calories and 58% more fat without changing your diet or doing exercise!

Don’t get us wrong, healthy eating and regular exercise are super important, but if you are looking at a way of boosting calorie and fat burn without changing these, then the Polar Vortex Vest® is for you!

The Polar Vortex Vest is perfect for those people looking to boost their calorie and fat burn.

Independent of diet and exercise, the Polar Vortex Vest burns up to 32% more calories and 58% more fat!


How does it work?

Thermogenesis is how. When you get cold, your body switches into overdrive to keep you warm. The Polar Vortex Vest  cools your body's core and cranks up the energy burn. 

You get the benefits even if you are sitting on the sofa. The body increases the calorie and fat burn in response to the cooling vest.

The extra good news...you won't be shivering and freezing. With its patented cooling zone which leave the fingers, face and ear free from the cold, you get the benefits of cold without the discomfort.

So if you are working out and watching what you eat - it's the perfect addition to help lose those last few pounds