The Science Explained

The Polar Vortex Vest® mildly cools the body’s core. It tricks the body, on a cellular level, to burn fat to keep the vital organs warm. The extremities such as ears, nose and hands, which can cause shivering, are kept warm and are not affected. Instead of the discomfort of cold, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and mild cooling effect that our users look forward to! The result is an effect called “Non-Shivering Thermogenesis” which is like supercharging the body’s metabolism in a process that primarily uses fat for fuel.

The Polar Vortex Vest® is a wearable vest scientifically designed with specialized gel design and multiple cooling zones to comfortably cool the body. This cooling of the body is what scientists call Mild Cold Stress. Now “stress” seems like a bad word - and we certainly don’t need any more of it in our lives. But stress is actually a very good thing when it’s applied correctly. Through the Polar Vortex Vest’s ® comfortable application of Mild Cold Stress, your body “fights back the cooling” by actually increasing its metabolism burning substantial amounts of calories and using primarily fat for fuel in the process.

“I don’t want to be cold so how does the Polar Vortex® Vest Work?”

After years of intense research, development and laboratory testing, the Polar Vortex® team created a product that mildly cools your core, so your body burns energy, primarily using fat for fuel, to maintain it’s core temperature.

Backed by Exercise scientist and renowned NASA scientist

“What is really remarkable is the source of the calories being burned. Wearing the vest significantly increased fat burning by as much at 58%. These findings were truly remarkable."

Natalia Sanchez, Phd

Lead Exercise Researcher, ETScience

“When I added cold mild stress to my routine, my weight loss increased significantly.”

“So while it’s important we eat responsibly and that we exercise, mild cold stress provides an important component for fat loss and longevity”

Ray Cronise, NASA Scientist

World’s Leading Expert in Mild Cold Stress & Weight Loss